Regis24 singing into its first MRC meeting

26. September 2019

As a new member, Regis24 made its first appearance at the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) attending the MRC's  Members Only meeting in Madrid this week.

steven-renwick-regis24-guitar_webOur CEO, Urs Bader, CPO, Steven Renwick, and Head of Analytics and Controlling, Thorsten Lau, were all in attendance to hear about the latest developments in the world of E-Commerce fraud and payments.

Highlight talks for the Regis24 team included Rafael Revert's keynote talk about serious cases of cyber attacks on central financial systems in Latin America resulting in losses running into hundreds of millions, whilst Kevin Gosschalk of Arkose Labs gave an illuminating talk about the ease with which fraudsters can access the latest tools online to circumvent typical anti-fraud systems.

Our own Steven Renwick was invited to give a company presentation in the "Ignite" talk series (the only session in which participants are allowed to pitch their company's services). Steven decided to leave a lasting impression, by delivering his presentation in the style of a 16 song medley, which represented Regis24's products and services, the video of which can be seen below.

For those who prefer original versions, the Regis24 medley can be accessed here on Spotify.

Steven also hosted a panel discussion with Dirk Mayer, Fraud Expert & Catalyst at Risk.Ident, to discuss the impact of GDPR on Machine Learning fraud detection models, which naturally are dependent on analysing and learning from large amounts of personal shopped data.   

Urs and Steven will also be attending the MRC's upcoming meeting in Seattle. During the event, Steven will be presenting a panel about data privacy, along with Google, which is sure to generate some interesting perspectives from either side of the Atlantic! Whether or not Steven will be bringing his guitar has yet to be confirmed...