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PreCreditCheck Complex assesses the creditworthiness of a debtor and supplies your business with all the hard data relating to negative characteristics – daily.

PreCreditCheck Complex with Regis24

PreCreditCheck Complex from Regis24 is one of the most affordable solutions on the market in terms of investigating the trustworthiness of end users, for example in procedures relating to payment enforcement and pre-court collection.

Our solvency-checking solution supplies you daily with hard data relating to negative attributes and lays the groundwork for your strategic course of action. Because debtors who are unable to pay reduce your chance of a successful and financially viable recovery. And when it comes to debtors with negative characteristics, the nature of these negative attributes can play a crucial role in whether you successfully collect.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

How PreCreditCheck Complex works, in detail:

With our PreCreditCheck, you protect yourself against the risk of non-payment by defaulting, insolvent or unwilling customers.

  1. your system transmits data queries to us via an application programming interface (API) or by way of classic batch requests over the Regis24 customer portal
  2. our system automatically standardises the name and address to save the identity of the customer
  3. the standardised request data is collated daily with registries of debtors and insolvencies
  4. you receive the necessary information, in as much detail as possible, about which entries have indisputably negative attributes.

Advantages for your business with PreCreditCheck Complex:

  • creditworthiness queries, in as much detail as possible, about which entries have firmly negative attributes
  • one of the most affordable solutions for day-to-day creditworthiness queries on the market
  • ideal for debt collection services
  • up to 100% success-based pricing – you only pay when our performance is successful
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • established and certified since 2003

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Technical implementation

Portal-based queries:

No need for an internal system or integration expenses. As a registered Regis24 client, you can manually enter individual queries easily over our system or perform larger queries via batch requests. Just get in touch with us!

Interface-based integration:

Faster delivery of results regarding creditworthiness queries with fully automated data exchange thanks to Regis24’s REST (representational state transfer) API.

  1. standard interface in XML/CSV format: suitable for batch requests, for instance using Ferber
  2. fully automated data exchange via SFTP in CSV or XML format.

FAQs about PreCreditCheck Complex from Regis24:

Our comprehensive documentation procedures are normally already sufficient for implementing PreCreditCheck Complex. Our technicians are of course always on hand to help with any questions.

PreCreditCheck Complex from Regis24 carries out research in real time using API. This means that you receive your required information within seconds.

The difference lies in the depth of detail of your results. For example, the PreCreditCheck Complex package provides you with all the definitively negative features of an identity – on a daily basis – whereas PreCreditCheck Simple only provides a classification (in terms of either negative or positive creditworthiness), based on the negative findings obtained.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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