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A flourishing company thrives on strong networks. We at Regis24 have from the beginning placed great value on cooperation with partners who share our commitment to the highest quality and the best service. Together, we bundle our competencies in order to precisely meet the needs of our customers. Financial technology companies (fintechs), software providers and payment providers all belong to the Regis24 world of partners.

In contrast to our pilot customers, with whose cooperation we usually test a new product for a limited period shortly before it is ready for the market, our innovation partners are involved – indeed, are more deeply engaged – in the process from the outset. Both partners and their common customers benefit from this exchange.

Our partner companies, at a glance

Regis24 has been recognised as a market player since 2003. Since then we have built up our own data pool which now has over 400 million individual data points. The benefit to you? Your identity-related queries can be researched more cheaply because we don’t have to compulsorily integrate external databases into the search cascade.

Your company as part of the Regis24 partner network. These are the advantages:

Technically smooth cooperation and mutually developed solutions, collaborations and jointly agreed marketing and PR activities in the interests of our clients and sectors.

Get in touch with us to explore new possibilities!

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