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The safer bank. For the banking and insurance sector.

No credit agency is checked, permitted to operate or certified by Germany’s independent financial regulatory authority. In spite of this, Regis24 is well aware of its responsibility as a business partner in the sensitive realm of banking and insurance. We therefore strive to do all we can to ensure the DSGVO framework is unreservedly complied with and that we work exclusively with reputable and verified sources. Alongside this, we invest in our own in-house Data Protection Department and can be externally audited.

That’s definitely a reason why more than 50 well-known clients from the banking and insurance sectors have faith in us. You too can enjoy the benefit of our expert knowledge and thereby avoid the risk of mistaken or incomplete core data generating incorrect analyses and reviews that in turn lead to your company operating inefficiently. On top of this, our solutions actively support you when it comes to initial risk assessment or prevention of fraud.

Regis24 for the banking and insurance sectors:
Always the right solution for your business questions.

Need to reach a partner to a contract?

Regis24 Address Research: gain the benefit of our rate of successful matching – above the average when compared to our direct competitors.

Need to contact a client?

Regis24 Telephone Number Research: reduce costs and hassle for your company’s collection management division.

Avoid routine queries to the Residents’ Register?

Regis24 EMA Prevention: up to 38% savings by automatically avoiding routine enquiries to registers of residents.

Research creditworthiness?

Regis24 CreditCheck: one of the most affordable solutions on the market for reviewing the solvency status of clients.



Regis24 – the partner you can trust for banking and insurance businesses:

  • a guaranteed personal contact person – from consultancy to technical issues
  • successful customer relationships with renowned enterprises such as Universum Inkasso or Accredis
  • faster data exchange thanks to the deployment of interfaces for each of the well-known pieces of software relating to collection services
  • individually configurable enquiry cascades possible, also with respect to the size of a claim
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • our own in-house Data Protection Department
  • assured transparency of data paths and guaranteed to comply with the DSGVO
  • fully abreast of the latest developments in the field, thanks to our membership of the Federal Association of German Collection Companies, the Federal Association of Collection and Claims Management, the Data Protection and Data Security Association, and the Federal Association of Loan Purchase and Servicing
  • we offer the possibility to be externally audited

Get in touch with the Regis24 experts:

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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