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Enabling up-to-date, fast and affordable client communication. Even compared to the classic postal method with all its individual tasks and costs.

Email Contact Research with Regis24

If the e-mail address for a client is lacking, strict data protection requirements apply to storage of the record. For instance, releasing explicit addresses – that is, the real e-mail address of a particular client – is not legally permitted.

As one of the very few providers in Germany, Regis24 fully complies with legal requirements and yet, with its Email Contact Research service, enables trouble-free communication between your company and your client by e-mail.

To this end, Regis24 combines a constantly updated database, currently with 35 million entered data items that uses a state-of-the-art approved procedure – so-called “hashing” of ascertained e-mail addresses. This tried and tested technique also makes use of innovative companies like Airbnb or eBay for digital communication between provider and service user.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

Hashing and Total Security Layer – a complex term for a simple result: more security and success in your e-mail communication

With hashing of e-mail addresses, Regis24 first identifies by means of its exclusive database the real e-mail address of the client, for example ‘’. The system then anonymises this address in the form of a series of neutral numbers and letters, like ‘’, and then sends this to your company.

Your specialist department now recognises this e-mail address anonymised client communication as if it were a genuine address. This means that the Regis24 system has also automatically checked your client’s replies, categorised these accordingly and forwarded these, in compliance with data protection regulations, to your company’s point of contact.

Contents of e-mails in this way remain accessible and visible for sender and receiver. Alongside this method, Regis24 also uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. TLS encrypts the transmission pathway between the e-mail program and the e-mail server. The result: imagine that an e-mail is like a postcard. Normally that would be readable for the deliverer and anyone else. Thanks to TLS, with Regis24 it’s like your postcard is being transported to the post office in an armoured car.

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Assuredly the best e-mail communication – the certified Regis24 e-mail server:

Regis24’s Email Contact Research service is carried out in dedicated environments in EU computing centres that have been inspected and certified according to the stringent legal standards of Germany’s Federal Office for IT Security. Among other approvals are:

Security in accordance with ISO 27001 certificates in terms of basic IT protection: ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019 and ISO/IEC 9001:2015

Cloud-Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) is a government-supported verification scheme introduced by the Federal Office for IT Security. It is currently the most elaborate and comprehensive in the entire Cloud computing field.

With CISPE Code of Practice as its foundation, Regis24 ensures that our Cloud infrastructure provider complies with data protection standards, to protect your data in line with the DSGVO (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung, the German legal framework for the European Data Protection Regulations).

Integrated quality assurance with Regis24’s Email Contact Research – also for your company’s image

All e-mail contact data can be obtained from the Regis24 database with the consent of the client/user “for any legitimate request”. This means that no address is misused for advertising purposes, but is used solely for important warning notices and debt collection objectives. In this way, the risk of it ending up in the recipient’s spam folder is minimised.

Here too, Regis24 uses the latest technology.

With every e-mail delivery, we check whether the e-mail could be delivered. In cases where it has not been possible to successfully send it, there are two different reasons why the notification hasn’t worked:

  • “hard bounces”: these are permanent delivery problems, for example when a user has deleted the e-mail account and the address no longer exists. Another possibility is that, as the sender, you’re appearing on a blacklist
  • “soft bounces”: these are temporary delivery problems. A soft bounce normally occurs if an e-mail inbox is full.

By monitoring the delivery of your e-mails, Regis24 can immediately distinguish between the types of bounce and thus protect your company from accidentally getting onto a blacklist. Otherwise, your business will no longer be able to communicate in the most up-to-the-minute way with its client and would possibly undergo loss of market prestige.

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Advantages for your business with Email Contact Research:

  • enables e-mail communication in compliance with European Data Protection Regulations thanks to an automated and tailored hashing method
  • identifies missing or incomplete e-mail addresses from the exclusive, official Regis24 data pool, including checking and standardising to safeguard against confusion of identities
  • frees up your own IT systems: adherence to currently applicable security and data protection standards through use of Regis24’s e-mail server
  • checks for malware and viruses
  • protects you from blacklisting: our service automatically ensures that your business’s e-mail address cannot be digitally blocked, and that your e-mail communication with clients also remains possible in future
  • straightforward and predictable contingency accounting
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • established and certified since 2003

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Technical implementation

Portal-based queries

No internal system or integration expenses needed. As a registered client of ours, you can manually enter individual queries easily over our system or perform larger queries via batch requests. Just get in touch with us!

Interface-based integration

Faster delivery of results with fully automated data exchange between your internal system and the state of the art Regis24 database. For your e-mail contact query, you can decide between:

  1. standard interface in XML/CSV format: suitable for batch requests, for instance using Ferber
  2. fully automated data exchange via SFTP in CSV or XML format.

FAQs about Email Contact Research from Regis24

In an expert assessment by a lawyer specialising in data protection we have presented for examination the storage, processing and transmission of e-mail addresses to third parties for the purposes of debt collection in line with the DSGVO (the German provisions of the European Data Protection Regulations). The expert opinion concluded that the transmission of e-mail addresses for the purposes of debt collection is lawful under DSGVO provisions: storage, processing and transmission to third parties serves the interests of the creditor. The legal basis for the transmission is an overriding legitimate interest, pursuant to article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1, letter F of the DSGVO. (“Processing is lawful only if […] the processing is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the data controller or of a third party, except where such interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject require the protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child.”) Accordingly, the e-mail address can be used for making basic contact, for example to send a reminder of a notice to pay. This report is now intended for internal use. We have therefore commissioned a White Paper which will be completed in the coming weeks by our specialist data protection lawyer and subsequently made available to you.

E-mail addresses originate from notifications from e-commerce and claims management, similar to postal addresses from IDB Premium. The concerned parties are informed that the e-mail address is being used for the purposes of establishing contact, for example for collecting on a debt.

Using virtual e-mails has upsides in terms of data protection and for technical reasons. In line with laws around data protection, we can safeguard a debtor’s identity, ensure that only legitimate insolvency firms can contact the debtor, and comply with the requirement to keep data to the necessary minimum. From a technical perspective, we can protect the transmission route of the e-mail with the latest technology while ensuring that your collection agency’s domain doesn’t end up as spam on a blacklist.

To identify your matching success rate, we’d be happy to perform an analysis of your data.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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