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Thinking ahead for risk management.
For payment service providers.

Increase your basket of revenues and services, reduce the risk of fraud, avoid payment defaults: your core promises to your customers are also ours.

Regis24’s portfolio of services doesn’t just ensure you have a competitive edge as a payment service provider, it also offers you – with Regis24 HIVE – a unique platform solution that effectively protects you (along with other leading companies) from fraud in online retail.

As a data technology company and credit agency, Regis24 maintains high standards of security when it comes to both DSGVO compliance and the very latest technologies. Among other innovations, we have designed and developed for you IdentConnect, a database technology that uses AI to locate and categorise a large variety of data points. In this way and in the interests of your customers, you have the capacity to identify and eliminate fake identities and fraudulent addresses at an early stage, to investigate new clients and thus make the right decisions concerning, for instance, payment methods.

In short, Regis24 is your ideal escort for the future of online purchasing.

Regis24 for payment service providers:
Always the right solution for your business questions.

Need to reach a partner to a contract?

Regis24 AddressVerification: gain the benefit of our rate of successful matching – above the average when compared to our direct competitors.

Research creditworthiness?

Regis24 CreditCheck: one of the most affordable solutions on the market for reviewing the solvency status of clients.

Fraud prevention?

Regis24 HIVE: minimising risk and fraud with the aid of a self-contained data pool, continually updated by leading companies.

Regis24 – the partner you can trust for payment service providers:

  • in-house AI-supported database technology
  • unique platform-based solution against fraud in online retail
  • the most up-to-the-minute GraphQL interface for real-time capable solutions
  • successful client relationships with noted companies like BillPay
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • our own in-house Data Protection Department
  • assured transparency of data paths and guaranteed to comply with the DSGVO
  • fully abreast of the latest developments in the field, thanks to our membership of the Data Protection and Data Security Association
  • we offer the possibility to be externally audited
  • a key market player since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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Our technology safeguards against the constantly growing threat of fraudulent activities like fake identities and false delivery addresses, account hacking or systematic claims fraud.

Data quality
at Regis24

We know that, in the era of digitalisation, a large part of the quality of customer relationships depends on the quality of existing data.

Decision-maker news:

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