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Not every debt collection procedure can be successfully concluded straight away. Individual records relating to debtors are occasionally laid aside, to be dealt with later.

Historical Records Enquiry with Regis24

The longer these historical or monitoring records lie dormant, though, the harder it can be to re-engage in written contact with the debtor because it is unclear, after many years, which of the addresses featured in the records is the most up to date or whether the debtor still lives at the given address. As a result, these records are often left unexamined.

Regis24 has developed a variant of Address Research, so that your company can exploit this latent potential more quickly and easily: Historical Records Enquiry.

Instead of referring just to the debtor’s last known address to determine the current registered address, we additionally incorporate all known previous addresses into the search. We then undertake research using a variety of internal and external databases – in the case of more matches or “hits”, we prioritise these and supply you with the best and most current ones.

At a glance.

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

The free
EMA-Atlas 2020 by Regis24

More orientation in the fee jungle: in the EMA-Atlas (Einfache Melderegisterauskunft) we explain the registration system in Germany and which fees are incurred in which federal state or municipality.

The EMA atlas visualises the regional differences by means of maps, for example:

  1. Investigation rates and delivery times
  2. regional EMA fee differences
  3. municipal registration data processing sites

Value to your business with Historical Records Enquiry:

  • more easily raise the claim potential from old files thanks to more up-to-date registration information
  • a special procedure combines previous addresses of clients with further Regis24 data points
  • in our experience, we can identify new information from up to 25% of old records
  • transparent, matching-based calculation plus an affordable flat rate for our activities
  • no expensive requests to the Residents’ Register: we only examine internal and external databases
  • established and certified since 2003.

Jetzt individuell von Regis24 beraten lassen.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.
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FAQs about Historical Records Enquiry from Regis24

Our general rule: the more previous addresses that are discovered, the better. In contrast to Address Research, with Historical Records Enquiry Regis24 checks through all existing datasets.

We generally make provisions for up to 10 previous addresses in our Historical Records Enquiry service. In some cases, it’s possible to scrutinise even more sets of records: just have a talk with us.

You normally receive the first results after a week, but how long exactly this will take depends on the number and type of your supplied data. On average this will be three or four weeks.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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