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Having the textual content of an address validated – for example, based on its plausibility – is now possible. The innovative DeliveryAddressCheck service from Regis24 protects your business from delivery address fraud and also your offer from being purchased on account.

Think ahead on anti-fraud:
minimise fake delivery addresses and identities in real time.

Package stations, empty houses and apartments or post boxes bearing a new name-sticker – fraud involving fake delivery addresses is alarmingly creative and costs e-commerce and payment service providers millions.

To tackle online fraud, anti-fraud systems check declared identity. Until now, actual delivery and invoice addresses have often not been factored in as indicators of fraud. But these can provide information – in combination with our IdentityCheck service – as to whether or not a fraudulent receiving of goods is being planned.

With its DeliveryAddressCheck package, Regis24 is now rolling out a powerful solution to plug this gap.

In tandem with Regis24’s identity research system IdentityCheck, and practically in real time, DeliveryAddressCheck enables your company to validate a user’s delivery address in real time by way of a state of the art GraphQL app programming interface (API), to avoid delivery fraud. DeliveryAddressCheck from Regis24 can currently validate the addresses of over 70% of adults in an e-commerce context.

During this process, instances of misuse of identity or the use of fake identities are automatically identified, flagged and reported to your anti-fraud system – a new type of shield against fraudulent exploitation of e-commerce that uses fake delivery addresses, consequently leading to a higher quota of new customers for you, as well as greater reliability when it comes to payments on account.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

Systems suffer from online fraud –
and Regis24 has the technology to tackle it.

Fraud-friendly products can be found in individual brands and in entire market segments. Electronic articles are top of online fraudsters’ wish-lists. A growing theme for product fraud are lists circulating on the internet that pass on information about which especially valuable electronic articles are sitting in a package station.

Variations in delivery addresses could already be a problem here. Because how can a conventional system recognise whether or not an address is authentically linked with a declared identity? For this reason, potential new customers are rejected far too often.

Regis24 has been established as a credit agency since 2003 and is well-versed especially in handling data relating to identity and creditworthiness. As consumers’ patterns of purchasing behaviour and methods of fraud in the realm of online buying have evolved, so too has our business. With our anti-fraud solutions, we’re now using the very latest technologies and machine learning software to keep pace with the speed of online trading for you.

One of the core elements of Regis24’s range of services is our own IdentConnect technology, developed in-house that, using the principle of identity resolution, is able to place into context different data points as they apply to an identity or to a delivery or invoicing address.

This technology, in concert with Regis24’s available quality of data – not least the platform HIVE – is definitively superior to conventional systems.

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Advantages for your business with DeliveryAddress­Check:

  • Validating of the textual content of new customers’ declared delivery, invoice or residential addresses
  • higher acceptance rate of reviewed new customers
  • minimising the risk of fraud, particularly in the area of fraud through the use of fake identities or addresses
  • maximum transparency: including delivery of statistical indicators to your in-house fraud system upon request
  • problem-free and rapid integration thanks to up-to-date APIs via the GraphQL interface
  • real-time solutions with excellent scalability and longer running times
  • efficient risk management due to economical and fast identity comparison
  • integrate your individual workflows completely smoothly with the GraphQL API
  • pricing on a per enquiry basis and with no licensing expenses
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • established and certified since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

Unique to Germany.
How Regis24’s DeliveryAddress­Check works, in detail:

  • with the help of a state of the art GraphQL interface, your system starts its enquiries on the basis of pre-provided indicators like name, date of birth, and address
  • there are absolutely no restrictions on the number of addresses that can be checked at the same time, since the GraphQl technology can handle several subsidiary enquiries for the same field
  • for the Regis24 DeliveryAddressCheck your query is equally valid whether it applies to a full address or to a fragment of a delivery, residence or invoice address
  • the IdentConnect technology examines, practically in real time, matches to the queried identity in connection with the address in diverse Regis24 databases, including Regis HIVE
  • our confirmation of a delivery address is sent back to your system, whether an address (or a part of it) is already known for a queried identity or not.

One of the most up-to-the-minute and affordable solutions on the market: preconfigured IdentityCheck.

Learn more about how to verify identities using Regis24’s IdentityCheck. For DeliveryAddressCheck customers, this is integrated as standard and is a fundamental element of our reliable results delivery service.

Statistical value for your own anti-fraud system too: with IdentityCheck as a preconfigured component of DeliveryAddress­Check.

To be able to validate the textual content of an address– for example, based on its plausibility –  the Regis24 system has to automatically check identity beforehand. The value-for-money IdentityCheck service is therefore an integral component of DeliveryAddressCheck, and this leads to clear benefits for your company.

In contrast to our competitors, IdentityCheck from Regis24 also makes available to your own in-house system the statistical indicators underlying the result.

This means that your anti-fraud engine can make much more accurate and actionable decisions as a result of the Regis24-derived data values transferred to you – such as quantitative and qualitative assessments of reliability with regard to an identity – with no additional costs.

Very easy technical set-up:

Technical implementation:

Integration via the GraphQL interface: faster delivery of results via fully automated data exchange between your in-house system and Regis24’s unrivalled array of databases.
Among other benefits, you profit from:

  • low latency – also when compared to similar solutions from competitors
  • flexible and parameterised enquiries
  • schemata and documentation can be queried and retrieved from GraphQL itself
  • a single landing point for all data requests and data transfers
  • updates performed automatically with no significant extra effort or expenditure on your part.

For engineers: cost-free, 14-day test!

Experience the advantages of the GraphQL interface over a REST API and test for yourself the DeliveryAddressCheck package, with integrated IdentityCheck, from Regis24:

  • performance of your test setting practically at 1:1, such as production mode
  • carrying out an API call is also viable at a low threshold, thanks to comprehensive documentation
  • test data: descriptive test data tailored to use case examples like “shopping basket”, “changes of address”, “unique address for an identity” or “e-mail addresses”.

FAQs about DeliveryAddress­Check by Regis24 –
checking address data in real time:

DeliveryAddressCheck from Regis24 has been designed as a solution for all companies that provide goods quickly through online purchasing, or which need to decide in real time whether to take responsibility for a purchase. E-commerce companies and payment service providers can particularly profit from new opportunities afforded by DeliveryAddressCheck. The service also makes sense for banks – that need to send sensitive credit card data, for example.

To find out about the precise costs according to your particular service scenario, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Regis24’s delivery address checking and matching service offers you the following attribute options to choose from:

  • city  
  • city supplement
  • postcode
  • street
  • houseNumber
  • housenumber supplement
  • address supplement
  • caref

The Regis24 IdentityCheck provides you with the following attributes to choose from:

    • id
    • accuracy
    • isDeceased
    • statistics
      • numberOfDataSets
      • numberOfOrigins
      • maxoriginQuality
        • per name
        • address
        • dateOfBirth
Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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