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Faultless customer care, well-kept master data, reduction in costs and effort for internal departments such as Collection Management, Fraud Protection or Postal Return Processing – Regis24 restores to you a final user’s contact details that have gone astray. And in a totally cost-efficient way!

Address Research with Regis24

Restore lost contact with the final user in a cost-efficient manner. Identify valid postal addresses for authorised purposes, for instance for reminders to pay.

Effective client relationships, well maintained master data, reduction in costs and effort for internal departments such as Collection Management, Fraud Protection or Postal Return Processing – Regis24 restores to you a final user’s contact details that have gone astray – and completely cost-effective!

Details of the Product in Use

Tiered and thus automatically optimised request system: Regis24 accesses a variety of internal and external, trustworthy and certified databases such as the ones held by the credit determination companies Schufa or Post Adress. We start with the cheapest queries and then, depending on the required result, work upwards to the most expensive – requests to the Residents’ Register.

Our special feature: you yourself decide which of the databases you’d like to make use of for your request. This means that the entire address research procedure by Regis24 is up to 100% customisable.

When it comes to time, Regis24 is also a pioneer. With us, identification and proof of delivery takes place practically in real time so that, in the best case, the new address is on your desk within 24 hours. If proof of delivery is unsuccessful, every identified address is personally delivery-tested in cooperation with Germany’s mail carriers to ensure the highest possible security so that you can reach your client.

The EMA-Atlas

– more orientation in the jungle of dues: with the EMA Atlas, we clarify for you how the reporting and registration system in Germany works and which costs arise in the different federal regions and municipalities.

More precise. More flexible:
Address Monitoring as an extra option.

To make sure you’re automatically informed in cases where someone has moved house or upon a notification of death, Regis24 offers you the chance to transfer your enquiries into an Address Monitoring system:

Your data records are checked for validity at regular intervals via internal and external databases. If your data records change, we automatically take over the digital and physical testing of delivery through Deutsche Post and transmit any new results to you.

We recommend you to make use of this option straight away if your claims are mostly for up to €50, where it is therefore financially unattractive for you send a record enquiry to a registration office.

Regis24’s Address Monitoring service has no minimum term of application, is flexible and can be cancelled at any time.

Advantages for your business with Address Research from Regis24:

  • individually tailored enquiry cascade
  • around 90% faster turnaround times for queries to the Resident’s Register, thanks to Regis24’s interface with the relevant municipal departments
  • integration of the Regis24 Premium database possible
  • manual and digital testing of proof of delivery with every request
  • above-average successful detection rate in comparison with our direct competitors
  • up to 100% performance-based pricing – you only pay when our performance has been successful
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • Address Monitoring as an option: for a set price or an agreed amount per data record and database used
  • assured transparency of data provenance and guaranteed to comply with the current legal requirements in German law of the European Data Protection Regulations
  • established and certified since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.
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Very easy technical set-up:

Technical implementation via standard interface:

Faster delivery of results with fully automated data exchange between your internal system and Regis24’s start of the art database. You can decide between:

  1. standard interface in XML/CSV format: suitable for batch requests, for instance using Ferber
  2. fully automated data exchange via SFTP in CSV or XML format

Portal-based queries:

No internal system or integration expenses needed. As a registered client of ours, your colleagues can access our database whenever they need to simply by logging in, whether for individual or multiple queries. Just get in touch with us!

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

FAQs about Regis24’s Address Research system:

From 24 hours to three weeks for complex particular cases. The average turnaround time for comprehensive Address Research (that is, including an enquiry to the Residents’ Register) currently takes Regis24 six days.

If you only wish the request to go through databases, this will just take two or three days.

Invoicing is based on matches found in databases, depending on the source. For queries to registration offices, this is per enquiry.

Depending on the quality of the portfolio, Regis24’s rate for successful matching is anything up to 80%.

Internal databases and log-in registers of our clients as well as external databases like the ones handling changes of address and notifications of death held by Deutsche Post, the credit determination company Schufa and other professional cooperation partners.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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