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You have received a payment notice from one of our clients and would like to understand what role Regis24 has played in this? You would like to request to inspect your personal data and, if necessary, have it corrected or deleted? We are pleased to be of assistance in such matters as well as with other questions.

Regis24 is one of the leading providers of credit status information about customers and stands for comprehensive solutions in the fields of credit risk management and fraud prevention. As a reputable credit agency in Germany, we are committed to making the often complex issue of data protection clearer to understand for our customers.

To make sure your personal data is secure, in terms of, among other contexts, self-disclosure under the provisions of Article 15 of the German Data Protection Regulations, we recommend that you send us your personal data in postal form (to Regis24 GmbH, Wall Strasse 58, 10179 Berlin) or, if absolutely necessary, by fax (+49 30 44350 333).

Please bear in mind that, on a data protection basis, no disclosures should be made over the phone, as an unequivocal identification of your person by telephone is not possible.

On self-disclosure

The subject matter of a self-disclosure is regulated by the provisions contained in Article 15 of the German Data Protection Regulations. If you have any questions, Regis24 is happy to share with you which information Regis24 has saved with respect to you.

FAQs – Our seven most frequently asked questions:

This is an information letter.

In this case, it is merely a notification that Regis24 GmbH has processed data relating to you as part of its activities as a credit agency for one of its customers. This letter was sent on the basis of the statutory duty to inform (duty to inform pursuant to Art. 14 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Schufa is one of the information sources used by Regis24 to obtain new addresses. All queries that have been obtained about you from third parties are catalogued for you. This way you can always keep track of who has requested your data.
Very important: A query on our part has no influence on your Schufa score. Regis24 is not part of Schufa but only maintains business relations.

The legislature has standardised a wide variety of reasons for this. The two main reasons with regard to Regis24 are: A company has an outstanding, justified debt. In order for this to be settled, the creditor may make efforts to reach the defaulting consumer. In this case, Regis24 obtains proof of the legitimate interest from the company in question in advance.

The second case is a pending contractual relationship. For example, the online purchase of a television on account. Here, the retailer naturally wants to ensure that the invoice can be paid after delivery. Thus, according to the GDPR, there is a basis to ascertain the creditworthiness of the consumer in advance.

Regis24 is a credit agency. This means that our customers are companies that need to be able to contact their customers, for example in the event of a payment reminder or after a move. However, if the company does not have up-to-date data such as a correct address, we can obtain it on behalf of the company. But only in the case of a proven, legitimate interest. You can find out in detail what a “legitimate interest” is here.

This means: Regis24 is not a debt collection agency or similar and has nothing to do with the actual content of your letter received, e.g. from a debt collection agency. We do not trade in consumer data. We support companies in reaching their customers – using verified and protected databases with reputable origins as well as public registers (such as the register of residents) in our research.

Like Schufa, we also obtain our data from reputable, public directories and registers, e.g. the civil register. The requesting third party must first provide us with credible evidence that a legitimate purpose exists. Beyond this, we do not pass on data to third parties (e.g. the advertising industry or market and opinion research.

The individual case itself is unknown to us, for data protection reasons. As a credit agency, we only research the personal data that is necessary to establish contact between the company and yourself.

A little tip: Make sure you get in touch with our customer. In most cases, a debt can be paid in economically readjusted instalments. However, this offer will only be made if both sides are willing to talk.

Alternatively, you can also contact a debt counselling service in your area.

Especially in the case of frequently occurring combinations of first names and surnames, it is possible to mix up persons during an address search. As a rule, this does not happen much, because other – if available – data (such as the date of birth) are also included in the search as a cross-check.

However, it is also important to note that instead of a case of mistaken identity, it could also be a case of identity theft.

That distinction, however, cannot be made by ourselves. You can find more information here:

On what legal grounds does Regis24 operate?

Regis24 works in compliance with the German Data Protection Regulations (DSGVO).

As a non-state-controlled credit agency, we process clients’ personal data on behalf of our contracted partners. This means that the requesting, saving, use and transfer of data occurs on the basis of a statutory obligation or a permission that is line with data protection regulations.

For reviewing data, we draw on internal sources and reputable public directories and registers, for example the Residents’ Register. The elicited data will be transmitted only to the contracted third party if it can demonstrate a credible interest in your knowledge.

Furthermore, data we hold will not be further given for miscellaneous purposes to a third party (for example for market research or opinion polling).

Do you have any other concerns? Please write to us.