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Highest data quality and top data protection with Regis24

In this digital age, the quality of customer relationships depends to a large extent on the quality of available data. This applies for the classic collection firm, for digital insurance providers or e-commerce players.

We as a credit agency understand the significance of data quality and data volume as well as the need for subsequent processing like no other – but not at any price: when it comes to our external database partners, we rely exclusively on reputable providers such as Schufa or Deutsche Post. If the origin of a data set or the consumer’s consent or DSGVO compliance cannot be fully documented, Regis24 will not work with that data set.

The Regis24 in-house databases

Regis24 has been recognised in the market as a credit agency since 2003. Since then, we have built up our own data pool with about 400 million own data records today. Your advantage: your identity request can be determined more affordably because we do not necessarily have to integrate external databases into the search cascade.

Enhancing the Regis24 in-house databases with external datasets

It is not uncommon, for example, for an address search to turn out to be more complex than initially assumed and a more elaborate search is necessary. Here Regis24 integrates the databases of its partners, but always of course in a cost-optimised way: We always build our search cascades according to the principle “as cost-efficient as possible”. This means that the most expensive external database is only ever requested for you at the very end of the search – if necessary at all.

Our proprietary IdentConnect technology

Innovative Regis24 technology makes databases smart: Through AI, the patented IdentConnect technology is able to identify and match different data points about an identity from different sources in near real-time and put them into an immediately usable context.

HIVE from Regis24

A platform solution unique in Germany, and a completely new way of evaluating your own data regarding purchasing behaviour, creditworthiness and identity data, thereby effectively battling fraud.

Advantages for your business with IdentConnect from Regis24:

  • Regis24 has been operating as a reputable credit agency on the market since 2003
  • we uncompromisingly adhere to the legal provisions of the DSGVO and operate under the aegis of the Berlin data protection authorities
  • we undertake to comply with all officially required technical and organisational steps to maintain data privacy
  • we can be audited for external service providers or your department on site: from our experience of working with clients from sensitive sectors like banking and insurance, we are well aware of the importance of transparency
  • we have out own department for dealing with any questions relating to data protection and legal frameworks
  • we are a GDD member (Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit e. V.)

The Regis24 data privacy officer is available for you.

You have detailed questions about data privacy compliance at Regis24 or the possibility of an audit? Please let us know:

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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