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Through the use of AI, the technology developed by Regis24 itself is able to find
and then assign various data points to an identity or detect fake identities and
addresses and prevent fraud.

Trust in digital dealings

Consumers’ behaviour has changed markedly against the backdrop of digitalisation. The resulting challenges are immense – for companies that use digital business models such as in the banking and insurance sectors or in e-commerce.

The key question is how companies can trust users of their services – take, for example, the option of paying on account – if they don’t actually know them? Linked with this is the steadily growing number of threats from models of digital fraud like fake identities and delivery addresses, hacking of accounts or systematic and fraudulent use of customer complaints processes.

Without a basis for evaluating (new) customers, companies are in some instances forced to turn them down, to minimise the danger of losing money via fraud. BUT that means that some customers will inevitably fall through the cracks – at least until now.

At a glance:

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Real-time risk and fraud recognition: Regis24’s IdentConnect technology, in detail

The innovative Regis24 technology known as IdentConnect has the capacity, through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), to identify a variety of data points from diverse sources, collate them and assign them to a real person, even when slightly variant online identities exist.

This comprehensive procedure happens practically in real time and the results are fed back to your system in a directly usable form.

IdentConnect helps your company in risk and fraud recognition and in assessing new customers, for example in these use case scenarios:

  • Automated identification with IdentConnect: by means of just a few existing data points, our technology can verify the identity of a person on your database. This also applies when different actual people share a digital payment method like a credit card, and it can also be used as an individual identity database service.
  • Automated verification of delivery addresses with IdentConnect: in combination with our Regis24 databases we can provide an assessment of whether a delivery address that a customer gives is trustworthy, and whether this has already been used by many other customers in the past; examples are an office building or an official package pick-up store. Our self-learning system additionally reviews the plausibility of a buyer’s address and delivery address. This means that testing will be undertaken to check whether the named sites exactly match each other and fit with payment histories.
  • Minimising instances of fraud with IdentConnect: fake identities, fraudulent delivery addresses and identity theft are lastingly learnt, so that deliveries and payments on the basis of these can be prevented.

  • Automated cleansing of account and identity information: a conventional, non-AI supported system would simply save similar identity and street names as “new” and then accept them. Our system, on the other hand, automatically checks particulars for similarities, standardises these and sorts them on the basis of a genuine identity – for more reliability and trustworthiness.

  • Higher rate of sales by assessing new customers with IdentConnect: due to a degree of identification with at least 50% of the German population, our system minimises the proportion of false positives in its matching processes. This means that conventional systems often give false ratings to new customers, because they can’t match people with their online shopping histories. With IdentConnect you can profit from a new customer channel, as our system can appraise fresh customers for your business.

IdentConnect in concert with Regis24 HIVE:
the largest volume of data for ever higher precision

All these added business values to your company from IdentConnect increase naturally with the underlying quantity and quality of data. As the only company in the Germany/Austria/ Switzerland (DACH) region, that’s why Regis24 has created a unique solution: the Regis24 HIVE.

Regis24 HIVE is an exclusive data pool that brings together identity-related and payment information held by different partners into one dedicated setting and that protects from any attacks, both internal and external.

Find out more about Regis24 HIVE’s operating principles and the opportunities for your company.

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*In the affluent target group of 30 to 40-year-olds

Advantages for your business with IdentConnect:

  • Real-time risk and fraud recognition with the aid of AI, providing:
    1. automated identification
    2. higher rate of sales via assessment of new customers
    3. automated verification of delivery addresses
    4. automated cleansing of account information and identity data
    5. minimising of fraud cases
    6. automated analysis of payment patterns
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • technology also feasible as a specific solution for an identity database
  • guaranteed to comply with DSGVO provisions
  • established and certified since 2003

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Easiest technical implementation:

Simplest integration via standard interface:

Faster delivery of results via fully automated data exchange between your internal system and Regis24’s array of databases: IdentConnect is smoothly linked with a state of the art GraphQL application programming interface (API).

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