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Our vision:


Our vision: The Future Of Decision-Making

Our vision is of a world where data ensures a genuine trust in their business relationships between companies and service users. To this end and with the help of Regis24, companies can individually and exclusively make the right decisions throughout the purchasing process, thanks to a detailed consideration of risk and chance.

To put it another way, Regis24 means more business success thanks to better decision-making.

As a data technology company, we at Regis24 are convinced that the old models of credit administration and client “scoring” have had their day. Discrimination on the basis of area of residence, “negative” data like a payment plan arranged 20 years ago or opaque, “black box” private credit information bodies like Schufa no longer reflect economic realities or help firms to interpret data efficiently.

Regis24’s vision is therefore a revolution: we believe in the digital identity as a service user’s financial footprint, as much in the context of positive data as in the familiar setting of negative data.

In this approach, it’s possible for every company to make real-time decisions regarding the extent to which trust in any particular purchase process is justified – for risk-free business relationships, without identity fraud, between digital firms and genuine individuals, as well as for service users who have themselves decided what data they’ve made available to whom and at what point, for their own evaluation purposes.


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Our mission: to get to know people – better.

From classic address research and credit checking to our own in-house, AI-supported database technologies, with Regis24 you receive all the data and technological solutions from an expert provider. With one goal only – trustworthy business decisions.

Clients: our solutions help you to fully get to know new customers on the basis of movement and payment data – in real time!

Better: artificial intelligence is in the DNA of our new products. That’s how your results are constantly enhanced automatically.

Knowing: are you dealing with an actual delivery address or online identity? Our solutions not only enrich your authentic contact data, they can also smart-link specific data points to a complete data set, thereby protecting your business from instances of fraud.

Learning: our experience with personal data has made us experts since 2003. And, in light of new market challenges, day by day we’re evolving ourselves and our products further and further.

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Regis24 – leading provider of identity, credit status and solvency information.

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The Regis24 accountability promise.

Regis24 is fully aware of its position of responsibility as a data technology company and credit agency, as this applies both to service users and also to our own clients.

For us, it’s self-evident that we adhere closely to all legal frameworks and provisions as well as actively participate in shaping them so as to provide our clients with an active edge in know-how. To this end, Regis24 experts are involved in various presentations and as members of a diverse range of stakeholder institutions.

Alongside this, Regis24 also works with colleagues of absolute integrity who comprise the best in their area of expertise. Because we know that, in a time of fundamentally changing patterns of consumer purchasing behaviour, every company needs a strong partner to move forward with new knowledge and real commitment. And what’s needed for end users of a service is a credit agency that is reachable, understanding and transparent. We take on this responsibility and work ever day at becoming ever better at what we do.

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From technologies developed in-house to partnerships – get to know Regis24 closer.

Regis24 HIVE-Platform

A platform solution unique in Germany, and a completely new way of evaluating your own data regarding purchasing behaviour, creditworthiness and identity data, thereby effectively battling fraud.

Regis24 IdentConnect

With AI-supported technology for better quality of results and success against fraud.

Data quality at Regis24

We know that, in the era of digitalisation, a large part of the quality of customer relationships depends on the quality of existing data.

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.
Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.