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Overall value to your business

Regis24 designs its products in the light of your business goals. That’s why our portfolio includes classic credit agency solutions as well as innovative products from the realm of credit risk assessment and fraud management – all on the basis of high-value, serious and EDPR-compliant data sources.

As we develop our very latest solutions, we consistently rely on the use of artificial intelligence and the know-how of our design teams and specialists in data science. This means that Regis24 is able to cultivate its own data bank technologies such as IdentConnect or new data platforms like Regis24 HIVE.

We have one aim in mind: for your company to make more effective decisions relating to all questions about credit – based on data from Regis24.

Get to know your clients better – with solutions from Regis24.

Address Research:

with Regis24, restore a final user’s lost contact details in a cost-efficient way.

EMA Prevention:

with Regis24, avoid expensive and time-consuming requests to the Residents’ Register for basic information and save up to 38% costs.

Historical Records Enquiry:

enhance the claim potential of historical records more easily thanks to Regis24’s up-to-date registration information.

Telephone Number Research:

identify valid phone numbers with the help of Regis24, so you can have a personal dialogue with your clients.

Email Contact Research:

with Regis24, reach your customers more cheaply and quickly than by post.


Regis24 helps to record your address data more cleanly and to automatically standardise your master data.

PreCredit­Check Simple:

Regis24 helps you make the right decisions on the basis of credit status and ability to pay.

PreCredit­Check Complex:

With Regis24, have the creditworthiness of debtors checked on a day-to-day basis.

Regis24 HIVE:

a completely new way to analyse specific data concerning consumption behaviour and data about creditworthiness and identity, and to minimise the risk of online fraud.

Top quality and the highest level of data protection with Regis24.

In the era of digitalisation, a large part of the quality of customer relationships depends on the quality of existing data. As a credit research agency, Regis24 is second to none in its awareness of the importance of data quality and quantity as well as the need for post-processing.

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