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Less risk of fraud. Welcome more new customers.

User experience is top of the list. With Regis24’s solutions we’re at your side in milliseconds – with assured transparency throughout the data path and with DSGVO conformity.

If you want your core data to be adjusted, cleaned up and validated, if you want to prevent goods being fraudulently ordered and received, or if you’re facing the challenge of whether or not to permit a purchase on account.

Our portfolio of solutions, as they apply to identity data and creditworthiness assessment, enriches – in real time and by applying state of the art technologies – your performance portfolio.

With Regis HIVE, we’ve also designed and developed a unique solution that represents nothing less than the future for data-derived evaluation of new customers, validation of delivery addresses and protection against payment defaults, identity theft and online fraud.

Regis24 for financial technology companies and e-commerce: Always the right solution for your business questions.

Want to check a given address?

Regis24 AddressVerification: automated checking of declared address data for managing your core data.

Checking out a new customer’s credit status?

Regis24 CreditCheck: one of the most competitive solutions on the market as a credit-checking service relating to customers.

Fraud prevention?

Regis24 HIVE: minimising risk and fraud with the aid of a self-contained data pool, continually updated by leading companies.

Regis24 – the partner you can trust for financial technology companies and e-commerce:

  • the most up-to-the-minute GraphQL interface for real-time enabled solutions
  • second-to-none customer relationships with renowned firms like BillPay
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • our own in-house Data Protection Department
  • assured transparency of data paths and guaranteed to comply with the DSGVO
  • fully abreast of the latest developments in the field, thanks to our membership of the Federal Association of German Collection Companies, the Federal Association of Collection and Claims Management, the Data Protection and Data Security Association, and the Federal Association of Loan Purchase and Servicing
  • we offer the possibility to be externally audited
  • a key market player since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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