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We help you make decisions about the creditworthiness and solvency of your clients. With our expertise, payments defaults can be avoided in real time and you can enjoy peace of mind with our purchase on account offer.

CreditCheck with Regis24

Buying on account is still the favourite payment method with online shoppers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. E-commerce enterprises that don’t provide this option – particularly to first-time customers – face a significantly higher rate of purchase cancellations and, as a consequence, losses in sales. The dilemma: if you accommodate your customers’ wishes and offer them the chance to buy on account, you run the risk of cancelled purchases further down the line.

Regis24’s CreditCheck solves this problem by checking in real time the creditworthiness of (first) customers during the payment process, then sending a recommendation to your system regarding whether the much-favoured purchasing on account offer can be provided to a particular shopper as a payment pathway.

In this way, and grounded in reliable, hard data concerning creditworthiness, you can constantly decide on a case-by-case basis which payment pathways you want to offer.

CreditCheck combines solvency checking and “risk scoring” in real time. This makes it the gatekeeper for online shops, especially for the e-commerce sector in general, and as an intermediary for all payment procedures.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

How CreditCheck from Regis24 works, in detail

With our CreditCheck service, you ensure you’re protected against the risk of payment cancellations as a result of defaulting, insolvent or unwilling payers.

  1. your system transmits data queries to us via an application programming interface (API), for instance in real time during the course of a new customer’s payment procedure as it goes through your shop’s system
  2. our system automatically standardises the name and address to save the identity of the customer
  3. the standardised request data is collated daily with registries of debtors and insolvencies
  4. you receive the disclosed data via API in real time and can, for instance, offer purchase on account to the individual customer as a payment method – or not, if the findings relating to creditworthiness suggest otherwise.

Advantages for your business with CreditCheck:

  • your choice of either straightforward disclosure of a data item or disclosure with a more comprehensive depth of information
  • problem-free and rapid integration by means of modern REST API
  • excellent scalability and high availability
  • integrate individual workflows (for example, by combining CreditCheck with Address Standardising) easily with the API interface
  • up to 100% success-based pricing – you only pay if our performance is successful
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • established and certified since 2003

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Technical implementation

Interface-based integration:

Faster delivery of results with fully automated data exchange between your internal system and Regis24’s state of the art database, with Regis24’s REST (representational state transfer) API.

FAQs about CreditCheck from Regis24

Our comprehensive documentation procedures are normally already sufficient for undertaking the Regis24 credit-checking service. Our technicians are of course always on hand to help with integration issues, by video call, mail or telephone.

CreditCheck from Regis24 carries out research in real time using API. This means that, already during the payment procedure, our database is notifying your system of a positive or negative creditworthiness indication for each customer.

Our research is carried out in dedicated environments in European computing centres that have been inspected and certified according to the stringent legal standards of Germany’s Federal Office for IT Security. If you’d like to learn more about IT security issues at Regis24, please get in touch.
Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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