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Flawed datasets can often be the result of manual input of data. Just a slight lapse in concentration in filling out forms is enough to produce transposed or incorrect letters and numbers.

AddressVerification with Regis24

Regis24’s AddressVerification service ensures a fault-free collection of new clients’ address data, and standardises and adjusts your master data – updated fully automatically in real time. This makes AddressVerification an indispensable and affordable tool for every company that needs to be able to rely on correct datasets like delivery addresses or identity data and which, at the same time, would like to conserve internal data management resources.

For this goal, Regis24’s AddressVerification service is one of the cheapest and most transparent solutions on the market. There are no ongoing running costs as with software solutions and clear, enquiry-calculated invoicing based on a prearranged allocation makes it easier for you to plan your costs.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

How Regis24’s AddressVerification works, in detail:

With our AddressVerification, you protect yourself against the risk of non-payment by defaulting, insolvent or unwilling customers.

  1. the AddressVerification system structures, edits and validates collected data
  2. your system sends us the query data via API, for example in real time during the course of a new customer’s inputting of their address details into your shop’s system
  3. audible, written and transmission mistakes in customer databases are automatically recognised and then standardised and corrected by the system
  4. you receive the information by API and can then use the amended and standardised addresses directly in your operating database. In this way you know straight away whether they match a valid address or whether parts of the address need to be verified.

Advantages for your business with AddressVerification:

  • takes the pressure off your internal departments through adjustment of master data
  • reliable and rapid processing of large amounts of data in real time
  • fewer returns of post or basic requests to the Residents’ Register, reducing your costs
  • problem-free and fast integration thanks to state of the art REST API or GraphQL API
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • no ongoing running costs as with software solutions – easy to understand, enquiry-based invoicing, also possible as a prearranged quota of requests
  • established and certified since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.
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Technical implementation

Interface-based integration:

Faster delivery of results with fully automated data exchange between your internal system and the rules-based Regis24 systems, with Regis24’s application programming interface (API).

FAQs about AddressVerification from Regis24:

Our comprehensive documentation procedures are normally already sufficient for you to set up the Address Standardising system yourself, no problem. Our technicians are of course always on hand to help with specific integration issues, by video call, mail or telephone.

Our clients’ use cases range from one-off core data adjustments to standardising of address information in real time if you’ve identified a new customer in the course of an online registration procedure.

The foundation of our adjustment service is the official directory from Deutsche Post, to guarantee the consistent spelling of street and place names held by the German postal system.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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