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Real-time identity checking from Regis24 gives your company the chance to review the existence of an end client’s identity. IdentityCheck also lowers complex hurdles for potential customers and therefore related cancellation rates.

The state of the art solution: AI tools against identity fraud in online purchasing

E-commerce firms and the sharing economy are especially aware of this challenge: the system needs to decide in real time that behind the new client is a reliable, genuine person. Underlying this are the models of online fraud used increasingly often by which fraudsters, amongst other tricks, use false identities for their anticipated transactions.

IdentityCheck from Regis24 gives you definitive competitive advantages at an affordable price for your enquiries:

With the aid of AI, the solution is equipped to find and then categorise a variety of data points relating to a queried identity. And that happens before the review of actual creditworthiness. In this way, Regis24 IdentityCheck identifies fraudulent identities and identity misuse significantly more reliably and at a more granular level compared to  traditional anti-fraud methods. Alongside this, from the perspective of your company there are fewer unclear cases that before now used to be automatically dismissed. The take-up quota of new clients can also be significantly raised with the help of Regis24 IdentityCheck.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

Mass phenomenon of identity theft in e-commerce. The right technology option is the only remedy.

Every year in the online industry, millions are lost through online fraud. The biggest culprit is the scam of identity theft. As a result, online fraudsters are well aware that e-commerce firms are turning more and more to credit reference agencies to collate and compare identity information. But take note: even the tiniest discrepancies in the delivery address, like a typing error in a name or a slightly variant house number are enough to trick traditional checking systems.

This explains why it’s so important, when you’re choosing a new identity checking provider, to take into account the application of the latest technology. Only AI-supported technologies, like the in-house developed IdentConnect technology from Regis24, have the capability to recognise patterns of fraudulent behaviour and, by referencing more data items, to distinguish (new) clients from tricksters.

With its identity research carried out in real time, Regis24’s IdentityCheck naturally builds on IdentConnect technology – designed in-house.

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Advantages for your business with IdentityCheck

  • higher acceptance rate of reviewed new customers
  • minimising the risk of fraud, particularly in the area of fraud through the use of fake identities
  • maximum transparency: including delivery of statistical indicators to your in-house fraud system upon request
  • problem-free and rapid integration thanks to up-to-date APIs via the GraphQL interface
  • real-time solutions with excellent scalability and longer running times
  • efficient risk management due to economical and fast identity comparison
  • integrate your individual workflows completely smoothly with the GraphQL API
  • pricing on a per enquiry basis and with no licensing expenses
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • established and certified since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

How Regis24 IdentityCheck works, in detail:

  • we accompany the client life-cycle early on: Regis24 IdentityCheck automatically starts operating when a new customer logs in. In other words, before the actual e-commerce ordering process or, for instance, the booking of a carsharing offer
  • by means of an up-to-the-minute GraphQL interface, your system starts its enquiries with the aid of already provided indicators like name, date of birth, and address
  • the IdentConnect technology now researches, practically in real time, matches and similarities throughout a range of Regis24-accessible databases as well as in Regis HIVE
  • using the output data, the various data points relating to identity are examined, compared and verified. Accordingly, and in cases where there is matched data, the positive result is fed back. Statistical tools also provide deeper insights into the queried identity
  • on the other hand, if it is known then a person is deceased, for example, this would be an indicator of a case of fraud, information that is likewise forwarded to your system.

Unique to Germany:
Delivery­Address­Check based on Regis24’s IdentityCheck

The use of fake delivery addresses is on the rise – especially in the e-commerce sector handling electronic articles. Regis24’s DeliveryAddressCheck service significantly reduces this risk for your company.

Statistical values included: IdentityCheck from Regis24 allows your anti-fraud system to make weighted decisions.

When it comes to evaluating an identity, we know what our customers really need: smaller firms need a reliable decision, conveyed to their system by way of a clear yes-or-no answer.

For larger companies things are a little different, because these tend to work with their own Fraud Departments and software. In this case, their part of the business dealing especially with new customers requires more transparency when it comes to the delivered result.

In contrast to our competitors, IdentityCheck from Regis24 also makes available to your in-house system the statistical indicators underpinning the result.

With no extra costs. In other words, your anti-fraud engine can make much more nuanced and accurate decisions as a result of the Regis24-derived data values transferred to you – such as quantitative and qualitative assessments of reliability with regard to an identity.  

Very easy technical set-up:

Integration via GraphQL interface: faster delivery of results by means of a fully automated data exchange between your internal system and Regis24’s top of the range databases.
Among other benefits, you profit from:

  • low latency – also when compared to similar solutions from competitors
  • flexible and paramaterised enquiries
  • schemata and documentation can be queried and retrieved from GraphQL itself
  • a single landing point for all data requests and data transfers
  • updates performed automatically with no significant extra effort or expenditure on your part.

For engineers: cost-free, 14-day test!

Experience for yourself the upsides of the GraphQL interface over a REST API and test the IdentityCheck package from Regis24:

  • performance of your test setting practically at 1:1, such as production mode
  • carrying out an API call is also viable at a low threshold, thanks to comprehensive documentation
  • test data: descriptive test data tailored to use case examples like “shopping basket”, “relocations”, “unique address for an identity” or “e-mail addresses”.


FAQs about IdentityCheck – the real-time identity checking solution from Regis24

IdentityCheck from Regis24 has been designed as a solution for all companies that need to check and match the identity of a new customer in real time. This service offers big opportunities particularly in the sharing-economy sector, like driving services or carsharing, as well as in e-commerce. The same applies for quick-credit providers that need to make a decision in milliseconds. With Regis24’s IdentityCheck, the take-up quota of new customers can also be appreciably increased.

With IdentityCheck, Regis24 has come up with a supremely attractive financial solution. To get an idea of the precise costs according to your specific use scenario, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Regis24’s identity checking and matching service offers you the following options of characteristics to choose from:

  • id
  • accuracy
  • isDeceased
  • statistics
    • numberOfDataSets
    • numberOfOrigins
    • maxoriginQuality
      • per name
      • address
      • dateOfBirth
Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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