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For records with smaller claims, paying a flat-rate charge to the official register of residents for basic disclosure of information (einfache Melderegisterauskünfte or EMAs) makes no financial sense. Regis24’s EMA Prevention service calculates by means of a statistical model the probability that the official authorities would supply information that could help. So your company saves up to 65% of the costs of unnecessary EMAs.

EMA Prevention with Regis24

Basic disclosures from the Residents’ Register are expensive: on average, over €10 is charged per item of information. However, the person you’re looking forward is often not known to the registration office, or the office merely confirms the latest address you already have. And EMAs that provide information on out-of-date or undeliverable addresses are also not uncommon. But you still have to pay for them.

Our solution is known as EMA Prevention: thanks to innovative forecasting techniques developed by our research teams, we cut down on up to 65% of these unnecessary disclosure requests and pass the savings on to you. We ultimately take on only those EMA requests that have a high probability of helping you.

At a glance:

Ideal as a basis for discussion: The free product overview as a printable PDF.

How EMA Prevention from Regis24 works, in detail:

  • enquiries proceed according to the principle of address information from our research pathways up to and including the registration office stage
  • we identify those data items that include an address, which were initially retrieved and then discarded during the database research
  • in the event that these addresses are reconfirmed as a result of a digital testing of proof of delivery, we won’t then issue an enquiry to the registration office – in this case there’s a strong probability that the registration office will not supply any new information
  • for incidental enquiries we calculate by means of a statistical model the specific probability of failure to ascertain an address
  • If this probability exceeds a critical limit, we dispense with an EMA and save you information fees.

Advantages for your businesses with EMA Prevention:

  • innovative, statistics-based forecasting techniques as an additional option fromRegis24
  • avoid up to 65% of unnecessary requests for information from the Residents’ Register, thanks to EMA prevention
  • with our address identification research, you can save up to 38% of costs
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • no extra integration expenses
  • established and certified since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.
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The free
EMA-Atlas 2020 by Regis24

More orientation in the fee jungle: in the EMA-Atlas (Einfache Melderegisterauskunft) we explain the registration system in Germany and which fees are incurred in which federal state or municipality.

The EMA atlas visualises the regional differences by means of maps, for example:

  1. Investigation rates and delivery times
  2. regional EMA fee differences
  3. municipal registration data processing sites

FAQs about Regis24’s EMA Prevention service

Preventing basic requests to the Residents’ Register for information disclosure (EMAs) is suitable above all for records pertaining to claims for small amounts, because using our prevention service helps you to avoid fruitless EMA queries, thereby keeping your costs low.

Yes, it forms a part of our address identification service and can be integrated completely straightforwardly into research activities.

Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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