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If you want to turn the right keys tomorrow, you need to push for the new today. With its culture of innovation, Regis24 is for this reason closely engaged, as an impulse-giver and sought after business partner, with a wide variety of associations and interest groups.

Whether the issue is change in legal frameworks or Regis24’s new, in-house data-science solutions, we assure the know-how so you can ensure your market prominence.

Regis24 is involved with, among other bodies, these notable institutions:

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Data quality at Regis24

We know that, in the era of digitalisation, a large part of the quality of customer relationships depends on the quality of existing data.

IdentConnect technology

Our technology safeguards against the constantly growing threat of fraud activities like fake identities and false delivery addresses, account hacking or systematic claims fraud.


Tried and tested in practice: develop new solutions in close cooperation.