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What should you expect with us?

On one hand you can expect a company that was established in 2003 and as a result can win you over with its stability, working methods and professional infrastructure. On the other, in terms of new products we’re as dynamic, innovative and exciting to work for as a start-up. We’re more flexible and faster than the dry old label “credit agency” suggests.

There’s something we take just as seriously as company success: the people who work with us. We work in a culture shaped by the values of excellence, transparency, ingenuity, sustainability, high regard and integrity that we strive for every day. We meet each other in our daily interactions in a helpful and respectful manner because, after all, we all have the same goal – to move Regis24 forward.

We don’t just give free space for learning and further personal development because we believe everyone should have the right to prove themselves, but also because we know that the best ideas are usually thought up outside the box and aren’t handed down from the top. Each novel perspective that cuts across functions can help us to advance – especially the sideways angle that no-one has looked from before. That’s why we like open communication, honest feedback and constructive input, so long as the drive underlying this is to become better together.

People are our top priority. We’d like to collaborate with you for as long as possible. For this reason your life around work is as important to us as you are. There will of course be times when overtime starts to kick in, but there’ll always be less stressed phases when the flexible working hours give you the freedom to relax. And if you find things are hotting up for you, we’re always there to help put out the flames.

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Benefits at Regis24:

Office and environment

Hassle-free arrival and well-being: central location, wonderful views, a wealth of lunch options, airy and open offices, short work distances and coffee fit for connoisseurs.

Development and learning

Support with the help of personal and professional development: feedback sessions, one-on-ones, training programmes and workshops, encouragement of cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Adaptable organisation

Agile and transparent as a result of economic and digital change: with flat hierarchies, cross-functional teams and regular updates from management.

Comprehensive onboarding

Providing support for rapid integration: structured induction, individual training plan, mentor programme and regular feedback sessions.

Working times to suit your life

Mutual determination of working times, plus free spaces: a core working day from ten to four, with flexitime, the possibility to work part-time or in home office.

and tools

Up-to-the-minute work tools for focused tasks: calculator or laptop, Windows, Linux or Mac? You decide on the exact tools you need.

Value orientation

Fair and responsible as the social world changes! Our values: excellence, transparency, ingenuity, sustainability, high regard and integrity.

Pastimes and group activities

Sharing experiences with each other at team events, the annual values day or in the big kitchen – cooking or playing table football or billiards.


Additional advantages:

fruit baskets, Friday drinks and money-saving offers for our colleagues via our corporate benefits platform.

HR at Regis24.

The focus for us is on our applicants and colleagues, with all their concerns. We accompany you every step, from initial contact to the end of your employment relationship with us, individually and at eye level too.

This begins with us valuing short decision paths during the application process, so that we can communicate with you quickly and closely. You should have all of your questions answered from the start, because it’s all about us getting to know each other so we can decide whether a collaboration could work.

Because it’s also about human interaction as much as professional suitability, you’ll already be getting to know, in the application process, as many people as possible from your future working environment.

When you start, you can expect structured and comprehensive onboarding so that you feel comfortable and can generate added value for you and for us.

We are always approachable for our employees and through open and fair communication we’ll find a consensus that works well for all sides.

If our journey together comes to an end, this won’t change our appreciative and open exchange with each other. After all, in life you can always see each other again.

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You have further questions that you would like to ask? We will gladly take the time to answer them.

Drop us a line at or call us at 030 – 44 350 214

The interview process at Regis24

Whether it’s a classic CV with cover letter and motivation letter, or just send us your Xing or LinkedIn profile – you decide! Top up your profile with all the other docs like references and certificates. We won’t need longer than five to seven days till we get back to you.

And even when your CV is completely linear or has a couple of gaps – let’s get together and discuss it. There are often interesting experiences under the surface, which can be used profitably for both sides.

We’ll arrange together an appointment short-term for an initial phone call. This will generally last half an hour or 45 minutes. This appointment is all about getting to know the person behind the paper. You also have the chance to ask us anything that might fill in any gaps in your knowledge. After five to seven days, we’ll let you know whether the process can move to the next phase.

For certain vacancies we’ll invite you to do a brief test (always suited to the specific role) or a short presentation (again, always suited to the theme of the potential future department you’ll be in). You can show here your professional side and convince us with your qualifications. As soon as the results have come through, we can arrange a time for a video interview.

It’s quite likely that in this session your results from the test or presentation will be presented. Your interview partner(s) will be your new manager or your team. We’d like to get to know you even better and to step back from tedious questions about CVs. Just as in the phone interview, you have the opportunity to ask questions and clear up any uncertainties.

We’ll contact you by telephone as soon as we can after your final interview and let you know what we’ve decided. In the case of a positive decision, we’ll send you a contract offer and celebrate your decision to choose us. Also if the decision is negative, we’ll still get in touch with you and share our impressions.

After we’ve decided for each other, we’ll invite you to sign a contract, celebrate the future together and guide you through an extensive pre- and onboarding process.

Your first six months at Regis24

For the first two to three weeks, we have a comprehensive , general onboarding package for you planned. You’re taken through a basic training introduction covering, for example, tools, products, working methods and the company’s culture, and you have the chance to take your own time in getting to know your team colleagues and other relevant contact partners. It’s crucial for us to know that you feel escorted and that you have the chance to arrive at Regis24.

The first three months are dedicated to getting to grips with and understanding the Regis world and its products and structures. You team welcomes you with open arms and will make your team-internal onboarding activities go as smoothly as possible. You’ll be taking on tasks and developing yourself quickly into a fully valued member of Regis24.

After three months we’ll guide you through an initial feedback session on your induction period. That helps both you and us to see as early as we can how our mutual development is progressing. We choose appropriate feedback providers from your professional setting to gain as wide a range of impressions as possible.

After six months your induction period ends, you’re familiar with our products and company processes, and you’re now ready to continue your journey, competently and confidently, within the Regis world.

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Equipment and furnishing of your workplace and the office.

  • Mobiler Computer (Laptop)
  • Up to two monitors

  • Telephone or work mobile phone

  • Smaller and larger offices

  • High-quality equipped meeting rooms

  • Two tea rooms and a large kitchen

  • table football and billiard table

  • a large reference library

  • Mobile Computer
  • Up to two
  • Telephone or
    work mobile phone
  • smaller and
    larger offices
  • High-quality
    equipped meeting rooms
  • Two tea rooms
    and a large kitchen
  • table football
    and billiard table
  • a large
    reference library

Sometimes home, sometimes office.

  • Corona has also influenced our working environment and encouraged us to rethink. After we established the technical infrastructure for all employees to work mobile within a week in March 2020, (almost) all of them could move their workstations to the home office.

  • We quickly learned that we can also work effectively remote as a company. Thanks to regular virtual meetings, we can exchange ideas and keep each other up to date, whether individually, departmentally, or companywide.

  • Of course, there may still be personal or operational situations that make working in the office desirable or necessary. Our hygiene concept as well as a correspondingly new designed office, which is characterized by a mix of open meeting areas, departmental spaces and shared desks, makes this possible according to individual needs.

  • Since summer of this year, we have gradually moved to a hybrid working model and we will continue to expand this approach in response to feedback from our employees. Of course, all our employees are provided with the necessary technical equipment.

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