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Claims management in trusted hands.

Reputable and reliable management of a claim will always depend on the quality of research into contact data. Regis24 fulfils this criterion exactly for your business.

As a data technology company and traditional credit management agency, we investigate lost or unavailable contact data – from addresses to email and phone contacts – so that your firm can continue to communicate problem-free with the client.

Regis24 ensures your success by using the most diverse selection of tried and tested sources – with a practically unrivalled depth and breadth. As a result of our expertise we’re also aware that your firm, in certain instances, needs an individually tailored search cascade. In this case also, Regis24 is at your side quickly and unbureaucratically – to optimise your efficiency.

To achieve this, Regis24 has invested in its own in-house Data Protection Department and is externally auditable for you. So you can be confident that, with Regis24, you always have a business partner with complete integrity by your side, from data protection compliance to reliable data quality.

Regis24 for collection services and claims management:
Always the right solution for your business questions.

Need to reach a partner to a contract?

Regis24 Address Research: gain the benefit of our rate of successful matching – above the average when compared to our direct competitors.

Need to contact a client?

Regis24 Telephone Number Research: reduce costs and hassle for your company’s collection management division.

Avoid routine queries to the Residents’ Register?

Regis24 EMA Prevention: up to 38% savings by automatically avoiding routine enquiries to registers of residents.

Recovering long-standing claims?

Regis24 Old Record Research: we meticulously search through records of known addresses – with maximum efficiency.

Need to reach a partner to a contract?

Regis24 Email Contact Research: we’re one of the very few credit management agencies that offers this service – with currently 35 million individual sets of data.

Want to check a given address?

Regis24 AddressVerification: automated checking of declared address data for managing your core data.

Research creditworthiness?

Regis24 CreditCheck: one of the most affordable solutions on the market for reviewing the solvency status of clients.



Regis24 – the partner you can trust for collection services and claims management:

  • a guaranteed personal contact person – from consultancy to technical issues
  • successful customer relationships with renowned enterprises such as Universum Inkasso or Accredis
  • faster data exchange thanks to the deployment of interfaces for each of the well-known pieces of software relating to collection services
  • individually configurable enquiry cascades possible, also with respect to the size of a claim
  • no minimum purchase or minimum contract period
  • our own in-house Data Protection Department
  • assured transparency of data paths and guaranteed to comply with the DSGVO
  • fully abreast of the latest developments in the field, thanks to our membership of the Federal Association of German Collection Companies, the Federal Association of Collection and Claims Management, the Data Protection and Data Security Association, and the Federal Association of Loan Purchase and Servicing
  • we offer the possibility to be externally audited
  • a key market player since 2003

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Please note that we are working exclusively for corporate clients.

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